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Facebook Video Download Private, Facebook Video Download Link and App

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Facebook Video Download Private: Most videos on Facebook may not be available to everyone, which is why video owners keep such videos private.

One such option on Facebook is to protect the privacy of those who upload videos.  But here's how we can download such private videos.

Facebook Video Download Private 

Facebook Video Download Private Let's see how to download private videos from Facebook.

  • To do this you must first copy the URL of the video you intend to download
  • Then delete the "www" section and add "mbasic" there.
  • Now you only get video there.  Now play the video
  • Then click on the 3 dot on the right to download the video.

Facebook Video Download Link

Let's see how to download a video online using the Facebook video link.You can find many Facebook video downloader websites online for that We can't say exactly how many of them work.  However, here are some of the best websites.

SnapSave: You can download facebook videos from this website in SD, HD, 1080p, 2K and 4K quality. Facebook videos in 4k quality can be downloaded using this website.

GetfVid: FB videos can be downloaded and converted through this website. This website helps you to download Facebook videos online for free

Facebook Video Downloader App

You can also download videos and apps from Facebook, but in some applications you have to log in so that they can get your password and other data.  Use these types of apps at your own risk.

  1. F Downloader- Android
  2. FileMaster- iOS
  3. HD Video Downloader- Android
  4. FastVid- Android


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